maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'.

It is the year 2389.

The skies over Qo'noS have darkened. The air reeks with the scent of blood. The drums of war have been sounded. It is a war of brother against brother. The Empire is betrayed, fractured and laid bleeding by the traitorous Houses Si'tac and Q'ras and their band of rebels who call themselves the Sovereignty of Kahless.

The IKS Wuv'a'tem stands at the heart of this conflict. A civil war now reluctantly recognized by the Empire, the Federation has offered its aid in containing these rebels, and they have been welcomed aboard the Vor'cha. The crew is tasked with elimination of the traitors, by any and all means necessary. The duty ahead seems straight forward, if bloody as the Klingon way is, but at the heart of the matter, there lies a different threat altogether...

reH taHjaj tlhIngan wo’

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» A Less Than Warm Welcome

Mission: Fighting Shape
Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 2:06pm by Commander B'Elara Mvosh & Lieutenant Mez of the House Tal

Standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the shuttle's viewport, the pair of Klingon warriors were offered their first glimpse of their intended destination: a Vor'cha battle cruiser suspended quietly in the vast void of space. The sight was less than thrilling, and elicited a growl from B'Elara; her hands…