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Lieutenant Mez of the House Tal

Name Mez Son of K'laQ of the House Tal

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 240 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red-Brown
Physical Description His frame is thicker than a human's. His height is fairly common among other Klingons, often towered by many much taller specimen. Dark eyes with a hint of a ruddy glow peer out from behind rich brown skin.

His expressions are often as jovial as his speech. K'Tal laughs often, interrupting the cunning scowl he often portrays. Twisted grins reveal jagged teeth. The gunner's accent favors a dialect near the Mekro'vak region of Qo'nos.


Spouse None
Children None
Father K'laQ, son of Mowtar
Mother Krisa, daughter of KraqH
Brother(s) K'tar, son of K'laQ
M'poQ, son of K'laQ
Sister(s) L'shonna, daughter of K'laQ
Other Family Moklor, son of Klud, of the House Tal

Multiple cousins within the KDF and across Qo'Nos

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mez is a Klingon still looking to make his name. House Tal has several assets including a B'rel. It's Mez's job to bring new prosperity to his family. His brother K'tar works with his father on the family vessel. His sister L'shonna tends House lands near Mekro'vak.

Mez is looking to expand ties with other houses and fight for his family's honor. House Tal is a family associated with weaponry. The name comes from the word cannon and was also the name of a House member over 150 years ago. House Tal played a part in the development of the modern Klingon disruptor.

Mez lives to control a ship's weaponry. He must constantly fight to man a tactical station on the bridge. His world can be rough, but that only makes Mez feel more alive.

Mez also prefers to repair weapons himself. He can't be in two places at once. As soon as he can, Mez will manually look over the disruptor systems. Sometimes he clashes with engineers over the right to fix the systems. It's all political, with Mez usually trying to shake engineers down for spare parts or new equipment.

Strengths & Weaknesses Mez is only average with a Bat'leth. His family prefers the use of daggers or even disruptors. Family blades include gold inlays within ceremonial symbols. His hand to hand skills are good enough to keep other Klingons at bay. He's far from the most technical fighter.

Mez is the type of fighter that is quick to get back up when knocked down. Humor helps him laugh in the face of danger, sometimes inspiring other Klingons in the process. He's truly reckless, caring little for his own safety. Honor drives everything he does.

Mez is very knowledgeable about most Klingon ship's energy weapons.
Ambitions Mez hopes to command a ship one day. He wants to expand his house and raise a family. House Tal must expand their lands to the North and East of Mekro'vak.

The gunner is often consumed by the need to maintain the ship's weapons to peak condition.
Hobbies & Interests The warrior secretly likes to travel. He keeps track of every star system and planet he visits. Sometimes he visualizes such places before the few hours of sleep he gets. There's always something new to see in the Galaxy.

Mez enjoys hearing reports about other galactic powers from contacts in his family. It's always good to know what's happening in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The news is usually old by the time it reaches him, but it still helps him visualize the galaxy around him better.

Personal History Mez grew up on the countryside near Mekro'vak. Ritual and tradition were very important here. His life was decided for him before he was old enough to decide. House Tal was a family of gunners.

As soon as he was old enough to bear arms, he started to serve aboard the family ship. Klingons working for his father did not take it easy on young Mez. It only make him harder, more bitter. He fought and lost.

Eventually he grew into a surly warrior. His family's twisted sense of humor helped him find confidence in the tough environment.

As he grew older, he served on several ships. House K'Tal had several ships, the fastest B'rel crewed by his father.

Around age 24, Mez thought he met his future wife. The pair started courtship rituals. She was destroyed with her ship six months after they met. Mez never got to say goodbye. He mourned her for some time, taking his frustrations out through combat.

Now the pain of loss has grown numb. The only thing he feels is a dark urge to laugh in defiance of risk and danger.
Service Record 2379: Reaches age 13, begins warrior training
2380 - 2383: Junior Warrior, IKS K'Tal
2383 - 2386: Tactical Officer, IKS Qu'vat
2386 - 2389: Tactical Officer, Klah Del Brakt Station