A Less Than Warm Welcome

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 2:06pm by Commander B'Elara Mvosh & Lieutenant Mez of the House Tal

Mission: Fighting Shape
Location: Hangar
Timeline: Current

Standing shoulder to shoulder in front of the shuttle's viewport, the pair of Klingon warriors were offered their first glimpse of their intended destination: a Vor'cha battle cruiser suspended quietly in the vast void of space. The sight was less than thrilling, and elicited a growl from B'Elara; her hands folded to fists and arms crossed sternly against her armoured chest. "They dishonour us," she snarled softly, her gaze dark and deadly as she glanced aside at Mez, wondering his thoughts on the matter.

The Wuv'a'tem's exterior was dilapidated, neglected and in obvious need of repairs. The interior could only look worse, by B'Elara's estimate of the situation. None of this came as a surprise, of course, but it was still a disappointment. Try as they might, try hard as her crew did, their achievements were ignored -- or worse, they were met by a pretense of honour, such as this one. B'Elara granted a command and her crew, those who remained loyal in the coup that saw a traitor dead, all awarded and granted the honour of continuing to serve with her. But their new ship was an undeniable mess, formerly belonging to a commander and a House now in disgrace, and the original crew unlikely to be welcoming of their presence as usurpers.

It was all politics. B'Elara hated politics. She continued eyeing Mez, waiting for him to speak.

Mez twisted and writhed his toes underneath his pointy tipped boots. The dark Klingon was fighting an urge to kick the closest panel heavily. It was a fight he felt he was almost losing. His voice spoke in a restrained, angry tone through gritted teeth. "If the disruptor array is not aligned to at least ninety five percent." He closed his eyes and paused. The member of the House Tal had little faith in the traitor petaQ who used to command the ship.

After a deep breath, he realigned his expectations and continued with "Ninety two percent... I will rip the ship in two!"

The two prongs rose along with the Klingon male's foot. He brought the half kick back down to the ground and seemed to calm down. His voice took on a new proper tone. "On the other hand, the Vor'cha does make a fine vessel." A wicked grin pulled back to reveal dark, jagged teeth. "The heavy disruptor alone lights my dreams aflame!" His crimson-brown eyes turned from the commander back to the ship ahead.

B'Elara grunted in wordless agreement and flashed her teeth in a feral grin, smug now as she felt Mez's display of anger helped to vindicate her own seething irritation.

"We will make this ship worthy again," she vowed, scrutinizing Mez sidelong. "You may visit Engineering first thing." The male was predictable enough that she had no doubt he would rush immediately to engineering and begin twisting arms for a list of repairs necessary to the disruptors and other systems. It was far easier just to grant him permission now. Perhaps he'd do the work for her too, if any of the current crew dared to get in his way. Establishing dominance was critical.

The Klingon lieutenant clenched his fist and beat it against his chest in salute. His head bowed slightly as his eyes closed. "As you wish", he said enthusiastically. His heart held a special place for the Vor'cha. It was a weapon which needed to be restored.

The Vor'cha battle cruiser loomed closer as the shuttle drifted steadily toward it, the hangar bay doors open to greet them. The pair stared grimly as they slipped into its shadow, and then became engulfed by the cavernous maw that was its hangar. Through the viewport, they could see there was no one to greet them.

Mez moved towards the door as the pilot completed docking maneuvers. "They cannot stand and explain this ship's condition", Mez said about the empty welcome area. "They are.... embarrassed." A look of disgust ran across the Klingon's pointy face like a wave.

"And so they should be, but their shame has only just begun," B'Elara growled, the severe tone of her voice offset by an abrupt laugh as she considered where to start with things.

Her dark gaze swept the empty hangar's interior, rumbling softly in thought. "I will visit the bridge," she said at last. "Give a full report of the ship when you are done in engineering. I do not trust anything these petaQ will have to say."

After a quick acknowledgement, the lieutenant stomped off towards engineering. It had been some time since he was on a Vor'cha, but he still remembered the basic direction. Things should start looking more familiar shortly. As he made his way around a corner, another Klingon lieutenant made eye contact.

Mez bared his teeth and took a step closer. "Lieutenant", Mez said cordially as they passed each other.

"Lieutenant", replied the passer by. He meant to challenge Mez, but the newcomer deflected. Mez knew he had to pick his battles. The next time he ran into that Klingon, there would be little time for civility. The ship's state took precedence. He had to get things turned around quickly.